I am just a guy who loves living life to the fullest. Whether it is out hiking the trails of East Tennessee, adventures in the backcountry, or visiting and learning about historical sites, I enjoy it all.

I document my journeys though various forms of social media with pictures, videos, and blogs as a way for me to look back. If you enjoy this kind of thing, I invite you to pour a beer and join me on my adventures.

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Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Hike Up Jakes Creek

After Action Report - March 11-12, 2023

I had yet to do the whole Jakes Creek Trail and decided it would be fun to hike it then stay overnight at backcountry campsite site #27. Jakes Creek located at the Elkmont Campground has sever interesting things to see at the beginning of the trailhead. There used to be a bunch of summer cottages for some of the wealthy Knoxville residents. Most of the old structures have been torn down but you will find some foundations and old stone chimneys that still stand. The park has done some restoration work to restore some of the homes so you can get an idea of what the community used to look like.

At around a third of a mile you will reach the junction with Cucumber Gap. If you are looking for a short-day hike Cucumber Gap and Little River is a nice little loop hike that is around five miles. Just after Cucumber Gap you when then come to the Megis Mountain Trail junction and it is just under a half of a mile from here you will hit an unmarked side trail. 

Side Trail to the Avent Cabin: 

Hiking from Elmont around a mile and quarter up Jakes Creek on the right-hand side will be a side trail heading to the Avent Cabin. The trail is unmarked but there are a few actual steps that will lead you down to the creek and over a bridge. After crossing the creek, the side trail will angle to the right and up to the cabin.  

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Hike up Jakes Creek Links:

! Note on Avent Cabin - Going to my blog page you will find additional links to information on the Avent Cabin and Mayna Treanor Avent.  ~ Here ~

Hike Up Jakes Creek Pictures

GREAT Smoky Mountain National Park

Quick Overnight in the Smoky Mountains

After Action Report - January 27-28, 2023

I needed some time to relax and reset so I decided to head out after work on Friday and get a quick overnight in the mountains. On the Western boarder of the park by the Abram Creek campground off the Cooper Road Trail and under a mile hike is backcountry campsite #1. It is nestled next to an offshoot of Abrams Creek with plenty of flat ground for tents and trees for hammocks.  

The trail to the site has no real elevation so it is a quick hike and an excellent choice for a quick getaway after work. After getting set up whoever stayed there before me had left some firewood which was nice as I was able to get a fire going right away. Of course, I paid it forward and left a good stash for the next group.  

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Video - Quick Overnight in the Smoky Mountains

Quick Overnight in the Smoky Mountain Pictures


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Slave Falls & Twin Arches Double Loop Hike

Big South Fork River and Recreation Area
Friday, December 30, 2022

I had the day off from work, so I decided to take Frank and head up to Big South Fork National Recreation Area a place I need to do some more exploring in. The only other hike I have done in this area was the Honey Creek Loop that is a fantastic hike I would really recommend checking out... Slave Falls & Twin Arches

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Overnight On Mount Le Conte

Smoky Mountain National Park
December 2-3, 2022

What a trip! Mount Le Conte is my mountain of choice in the Smoky Mountain National Park since I first climbed it with my Friend Greg back in June of 2013. With this ascent, I now only have two more trails (Brushy Mountain and The Boulevard) and then I will have summited Mt. Le Conte by all routes....Overnight On Mount Le Conte

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Fall 2022 Frozen Head Hike

Frozen Head State Park
Saturday, October 23, 2022

I took Frank up to Frozen Head State Park for a fall hike and not going to lie it was one of the best fall hikes I have been on since moving to East Tennessee. The only one I would rate better was the Rich Mount Loop in the Smoky Mountains around the second year we moved down here. Today the weather was perfect with a slight breeze...

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